What Are Geodes? Crystal Guide On Geode Crystals

Geodes are beautiful gemstones filled with an immense power of chi within it. Attractive insight and energy, geodes are used for all types of crystal rituals including meditation and feng shui. This post will teach you everything you need to know about Geodes for healing of the physical, spiritual and mental body.

What is a Geode Crystal?

What is a Geode Crystal?

When a semi-precious rock is found with a cavity inside, it is often glittery within. The hollow cave-like gemstone made from minerals or precious rocks are called geodes.

Geode crystals are treasure houses of energy. They look like druzy stone caves, but geodes have their unique powers too. Originating from the Latin word for Geo or Earth-like, Geode is a gemstone of superior strengths. It connects you with the gravity, earth and water around you.

Geode jewelry stones are the result of bubbles with volcanic crystals. When the silica layer cools down, it solidifies multiple types of crystals and inclusions within it, leading to the sparkly cavity or hole often seen in geode stones.

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What are the healing properties of Geode Stones?

What are the healing properties of Geode Stones?

The metaphysical properties of geodes make it excellent for healing energy works. There is an ancient tradition of auctioning geodes. The auctioneer bids the geode crystal to the highest bidder and upon the completion of the auction, breaks open the geode to reveal the dynamic patterns and colors within the hollow cavity of geode nodule stone.  

Physical Healing Powers of Geode Crystals

Physical Healing Powers of Geode Crystals

Due to the hollow cavity inside geodes, it is recommended the best for women with problems of Fertility. Geodes can heal the reproductive system of the woman and improve chances of pregnancy. When used for baby health, geode crystals can promote balance in the body, in addition to the pink of health.  

Spiritual Healing Powers of Geode Stones

Just as it hypnotizes the looker with its glitter, geode stones are excellent for igniting deity worship and higher chakra powers. It awakens the power of fortune telling and Clairvoyance. When used on the crystal altar, geodes can bridge the gap and introduce you to angelic communication. It is an astral travel stone ideal for meditation too.

Emotional Healing Powers of Geode Crystals

Emotional Healing Powers of Geode Crystals

Geodes are powerhouses of Chi energy. When used with the middle chakras, geodes instill complete relief from stress. If you’re prone to losing your temper quickly, geode has special cures for you. It also helps to dispel anxiety in addition to honing your skills of decision-making.

Where are Geodes mined from

Geodes are found all over the world such as India, U.S.A, Mexico, Brazil and Madagascar.

What are the types of Geode Crystals Available Today?

What are the types of Geode Crystals Available Today?

Being a hit in the past year, healing crystals are the best antidotes of the age. Use it as a jewelry, decoration or programming rituals to derive the real powers of the sparkly hollow gemstone. Geodes are available today in many varieties.

1.      Amethyst Geode

1.      Amethyst Geode

Known to awaken the powers of the crown chakra, amethyst geode is ideal for jewelry as well as feng shui décor. Amethyst geodes help to boost higher chakra skills including wisdom when kept in the study room as well.

2.      Citrine Geodes

A solar plexus and sacral chakra stone, citrine geodes are particularly good to sharpen the brain. It hones your knowledge and understanding. Using citrine geode in your wallet or as a pendant jewelry is ideal to attract auspiciousness to all your activities.

3.      Agate Geode Egg

Another interesting variety of Geode is seen in Agate Eggs. Evident as egg-shaped, agate geode eggs are beautiful when seen in banded or lacy shades of agate. The gemstone awakens multiple chakra powers and is an ideal chakra stone geode for those having trouble with physical stamina.

4.      Quartz Geode

Another extremely powerful purifying stone, a quartz geode can cleanse gemstones touched on it. The quartz geode in transparent or opaque shades is a powerful feng shui marker for boosting the flow of energy in the living space. It can help you attract prosperity and success to the home.

Before you go …

Before you go …

Geodes are harmonizing gemstones with a unique identity. They are hollow with sparkly cores. When used for crystal rituals, these geode crystals and jewelry will sharpen your spiritual awareness. It can heal the reproductive system and make you virile.

Geode is excellent for décor and feng shui positive energy too. Want to try?

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Stay powerful

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