Black Onyx Stone: Metaphysical Properties, Benefits And Prices

Do you know our forefathers believed onyx was the fingernail of the Gods? It was believed to be sharper than the sword against evil weapons of the enemies. A precious gemstone that is even seen in the Holy Bible since the start of time, Black Onyx is the most popular variety of onyx. It is an amulet, jewelry, and essential crystal altar stone today. What makes this silicate mineral one of the finest gemstones in the world good for all zodiacs? Let’s find out.

What is the Black Onyx Meaning?

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Black onyx comes from the Greek word for the fingernail. Why is onyx called the fingernail? That dates back to a tale from centuries ago and you read the complete story under the next point on the history of black onyx.

Black onyx means protection because it is from Goddess Venus.

The meaning of black onyx is courage and the power of decisions. Black onyx is believed to give you the courage needed to lift the world itself. It protects you against failure and keeps you winning.

Is there a History to Black Onyx?

Once upon a time when Cupid saw Venus sleeping, he decided to cut her fingernails and give her salon-grade feet cleanse. Some legends say Cupid cut her fingernails with an arrow and others say, he just cut her nails. In any case, be it nails or hair, no part of a God dies. Everything is immortal. So, the nails of Venus fell into the river while turning into black onyx. Centuries later, mankind found the goddess’ fingernail as pebbles of onyx.

Perhaps, Cupid never stopped cutting her nails and hence black onyx spread around the world. That’s my assumption, what’s yours?

My Story of Black Onyx …

The first time I touched a black onyx, it was in a dream. I kid you not, I have it written in my 7th class diary. Perhaps that’s why when we went to class tour that year, I found a black onyx on my own in Wayanad, a place in Kerala, far away from where black onyx is usually found.

Before finding black onyx, my classmates used to bully me a lot. I never found the courage to retaliate. But, after finding the magical black onyx stone, things took a sharp turn.

I was surprisingly made monitor of the class when we reached back from the trip. The same day on my watch when there weren’t any teachers due to CCA activities, I found myself confronting bullying boys in my class. I became so courageous that I actually hit (gently) the boys with an empty plastic bottle (very soft). After that day, no one bullied me. In fact, I found respect and my private space to get my voice heard without shying away from responsibilities.

Perhaps if the black onyx never came into my life, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to the school captain in my 12th class too. It was definitely a dream come true. Do you have impossible dreams like that? Tell us in the comments below!

What is the hardness of Black Onyx?

With a hardness rating of 6.5 to 7, black onyx is no ordinary stone. It can be worn as jewelry and saved as heirloom-quality stone for generations without tarnish or damage. That’s why black onyx is a popular center stone in rings and beads in the pendant, chains, and necklaces.

While it’s not as hard as diamond, it is tougher than citrine. In short, you can use black onyx jewelry for everyday wear without damaging it.

Where is Black onyx Found?

A popular variety of onyx found in handpicked places around the world, it is hard to find all-natural and untreated black onyx. If you really want to buy raw and rough black onyx, you can book a ticket to India, Pakistan, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Yemen or U.S.A. If not, browse for a stellar stone on our site and get it home-delivered absolutely FREE of cost!

Wanna see a black onyx from Arkansas River? Click here or watch the video below!

What is the Black Onyx Made of?

A variety of oxide mineral, black onyx is actually a chalcedony. Bet we surprised you!

Black onyx is actually made of a unique combination from quartz and a variety of silica called moganite (not to be confused with Morganite). The chemical composition of black onyx can be described as Silicon dioxide with carbon and iron. It has a trigonal crystal system.

How is Black Onyx made?

Even if you can’t see, there are parallel bands on every type of onyx. They are made as a cryptocrystalline with silica growth interspersed and showing up as bands with moganite and quartz elements. Although Onyx is related to agate (another chalcedony), black onyx has parallel bands unlike the haphazard bands seen on agate.

Which are the Black Onyx Chakras?

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Do you know black onyx affects your basal chakra? Located at the end of your spine, this is the chakra of stability. Also called the Root Chakra, black onyx can ground you with the help of your root chakra. If you feel out of balance and uneasy physically or mentally, the sole reason must be your root chakra imbalance. It is the chakra of safety and security too.

With an awakened root chakra, you can bring peace into your physical and spiritual life.

Read more about root chakra here.

Is Onyx black diamond?

No. Diamond is a completely different chemical in fact. Black onyx on the other hand does look similar to black diamond, but it is not. One way to make sure of the difference between the two is by understanding the hardness.

Diamond has a hardness of 10 while black onyx has a hardness of 7 or less. That is, you can scratch a black onyx with a diamond and not the other way around.

Can Black Onyx be Engraved?

Yes, black onyx can be engraved. In fact, the low hardness of black onyx makes it easy to engrave with many things. It is easy to engrave than emboss on black onyx. The inlay process is popular on black onyx and you must inquire with the jeweler about the same before you send in your stone.

We suggest you not to try it on your own at home as black onyx retains scratches and can even chip off or crack into pieces.

Zodiac Signs Associated with Black Onyx

When Leo wears a black onyx, he reaps the benefits quickly. Oftentimes, Leos are described as leaders. The same is why, there are endless negativity, curses and evil eye aimed at leaders. If you’re a leader, who is almost always under attack physically, emotionally or spiritually, you need black onyx by your side.

Leos are actually more sensitive than you know. With black onyx on their side, Leos can become exceptionally courageous too. The black shiny stone can also improve their chakra and aura powers with long term use.

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I am not a Leo. Can I wear Black Onyx?

Definitely. You can wear black onyx even if you’re not a Leo because black onyx can make you safer no matter what your birth chart is. In fact, birthstones are used because it is the quickest stone to bond with.

If you’re not a Leo, it might take a while to actually bond with the stone, but with the help of other stones or your birthstone, the struggle will be cut in half. Albeit, Black Onyx is one of the few gemstones that can be worn by any zodiac sign without fearing negativity or malefic powers affecting them.

Who should Wear Black Onyx?

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If you want to know whether you can wear black onyx, check the list below. When you see a trait you have or want, you will understand black onyx is great for you.

  • If you’re scared of anything, black onyx can give you courage.
  • If you’re perpetually sick, black onyx can eject the toxins out.
  • If you’re suffering from depression, black onyx can uplift your mood.
  • If you’re bullied, black onyx can make you strong to defeat your enemies.
  • If you’re slow, black onyx can make you fast.
  • If you’re invisible, black onyx can make you popular and attractive.
  • If you’re paranoid, black onyx can show you the answers.
  • If you’re tired, black onyx can give you stamina.
  • If you’re careless, black onyx can make you focused.
  • If you’re behind, black onyx can sprint you to success.

What is the numerical vibration of Black Onyx?

Number 6 is considered the luckiest number for those wearing black onyx. In fact, you must actively choose the number six if you get a chance when you’re wearing black onyx. If you’re a math-brainiac, you will find a solid pattern of 6 that leads the way whenever you wear black onyx, no kidding!

The frequency of 6 can be a representation of the unknown powers. Embrace it!

What is the Element of Black Onyx?

Fire is the core element that makes black onyx alive. The black stone will also develop chakra power of the sacral or life force energy intermittently because of its fire chakra energy. Moreover, black onyx works on the brain and psyche because of its fire element powers. From courage to will power, fire is the reason why black onyx shines!

The best season to wear black onyx is in the summer because it works with the fire of the sun easily to keep your chakras recharged and aligned. The firepower within a black onyx can purify and destroy the evil like no other stone!

What does Fire Element mean for you? What is the astrological significance of the fire element? Click here.

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Black Onyx

Saturn is the ruling planet of Black Onyx. Often blue stones such as blue sapphire are ruled by Saturn. But in the case of black onyx, Saturn brings luck and success into the life of the onyx black wearer. It does so by aligning the forces of nature and up above to make you heard.

Saturn can make peace with other planets, help you do penance for your karmic sins and pull you out of the ditch of misery. When black onyx is used by a farmer or those who work closely with nature, you will find unprecedented success and wins in your career goals.

What do planetary powers mean for you? Click here to know.

Which stone does black onyx look like?

Black onyx looks like a range of different stones. We want you to be sure of the stone you have. Hence, crosscheck with the list below if you’re mistaking your black onyx for another stone in case your stone is uncertified or not bought on AtPerry’s.

  • Black Onyx can look like Black sunstone at times.
  • Black Onyx resembles a black diamond.
  • Black Onyx and Black Agate look similar, but the bands on the former is parallel unlike the latter.
  • Black Onyx and Black Obsidian sometimes look the same although onyx has a better shine.
  • Black Onyx and Black Tourmaline also look similar but the former is denser than the latter.
  • Black Onyx has a luster that resembles the shine of pure black hematite.
  • Black Onyx also looks like a variety of garnet called Melanite Garnet.

How to Clean a Black Onyx?

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If you wear the black onyx regularly, you need to know to get rid of the physical dirt and spiritual negativity deposit on the stone. Scroll to know how to do so…

How to Clean your Black Onyx Physically?

  • Take your black onyx stone in your hand.
  • Place it in mildly warm water for ten minutes.
  • Take a cotton ball and pat it dry.
  • Let it sit in the sun for three minutes.
  • Place it in a silk bag.

How to Clean your Black Onyx Spiritually?

  • Take your black onyx in your palm.
  • Close your palm with the other palm.
  • Close your eyes and chant your affirmation to cleanse.
  • Now take a selenite or clear quartz wand.
  • Hover it over the black onyx thrice.
  • Repeat it when you’re done using the black onyx, after every ritual.

Here is a list of definitive ways to cleanse your gemstones at home.

How to Store Black Onyx?

Keeping your black onyx safe is really important because it is easy for a black onyx to get scratched. It is best to keep your black onyx in the air-tight box we send. You can also place it in a silk bag to prevent tarnish as well as evil energies from reaching and contaminating your black onyx when in storage.

Wanna know other ways to store your gemstone? Click here.

What not to Do with Black Onyx?

If you’re new to black onyx, the following ten markers will teach you the easiest way to keep your black onyx safe and shiny for centuries to come.

  • Do not Store black onyx with other gemstones
  • Do store your black onyx in an individual silk bag
  • Do not wear your black onyx when cleaning or washing.
  • Do take off the black onyx when you’re swimming or bathing.
  • Do not wear black onyx when you’re cooking.
  • Do store your black onyx when you’re exercising or sweating.
  • Do not wear the black onyx when you’re putting on makeup or moisturizer.
  • Do keep the black onyx jewelry in an airtight box to prevent tarnish.
  • Do not wear any jewelry to bed.
  • Do clean your black onyx at least once a month.

How to Make Black Onyx Elixir?

The best way to consume the powers of black onyx is by making an elixir or healing water out of it. If you want to know more about making an elixir with gemstone, click here.

  • Take your black onyx in the hand.
  • Place it in a Tibetan singing bowl.
  • Start the acoustics and meditate for five minutes.
  • Now fill it with water.
  • Place it under the moonlight for 8 hours (preferably full moon night)
  • Your elixir of black onyx is ready!

Metaphysical Benefits of Black Onyx

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Every wanted to know what exactly does a black onyx do? Now you can, because we have prepared the detailed list of effects that a black onyx has on the physical, emotional and spiritual self. Go through each section closely to determine how much of a help can black onyx be for you!

Physical Benefits of Black Onyx

The first and the most important advantage of using black onyx is for Pregnancy and the forthwith labor pains. It can protect the mother and the baby from the miscarriage as well as critical problems during delivery.

No one talks about it, black onyx can protect hair by boosting the keratin that nourishes it. Moreover, using the black onyx elixir to wash your hair makes it shiny. I suggest you use black every day if you regularly heat style your hair. Another use of black onyx on hair is by preventing baldness. It can also increase the volume of hair and prevent hair thinning.

The physical disorder of addiction can be healed by using a black onyx stone. If you or anyone you know has alcoholism, all you need to do is give them black tourmaline jewelry and ask them to wear it every day.

Cancer protection is yet another boon of black onyx and it can particularly benefit those going through chemotherapy.  For those suffering from fatigue due to hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, black onyx increases physical stamina and make you feel fit throughout the day. Black onyx is also excellent for weight loss!

Emotional Benefits of Black Onyx

We talked about how black onyx rectifies the abusive tendency in people. It can work on any addiction from binge eating to smoking, nail biting, and even chronic lying. How does black onyx do this? It grounds your negativity and toxic thoughts away. First black onyx absorbs the negative energy from your surroundings. Next, it rejects the same negativity out via earth.

Personally, I have gone through multiple traumas such that PTSD is my middle name. Or so it was before I found black onyx. No other stone affects like the Onyx because it can help in emotional trauma reduction.

Just as black onyx helps pregnant mothers during delivery, it can be of use before and after the delivery for the emotional health of the mother. Crystal users like me and many others across the globe have found black onyx excellent for prenatal and postnatal depression. It works by regulating healthy hormones without affecting your child harmfully. Intolerance and reactions to allergies can be another cause of emotional problems which can be rectified by using black onyx in your daily life.

The soothing and calming stone is often used to control temper because it expels toxicity from the mind. It strengthens your mind to face challenges and actively excel against it. If you’re an anxious person, black onyx can help you be calm, especially if you’re an anxious pregnant mom. It is considered ideal for people trying to move on from toxic relationships too.

Spiritual Benefits of Black Onyx

When black onyx enters your life, many other benefits come with it. I was poor in school because I found it hard to concentrate due to hypothyroidism during my adolescence. But, my aunt came to my rescue and gave me a black onyx that saved my life. That’s because black onyx has the natural ability to attract wisdom and knowledge into your life.

Have you heard about the Divine will? It is our spiritual destiny. Black onyx gets you closer to the divine will by revealing it to you.

If you’re an anxious person, black onyx can fill you with self-confidence and courage. It makes you believe in your own potential by protecting you against the evil and energy attacks from vampires. That’s why black onyx is excellent as an amulet for children. It will also protect you against eye and curses or hexes aimed right at you.

Another superb power of black onyx is the ability to ground you. It drains the negative thoughts away and connects you to Gaia. When you use black onyx for longer than three months, this connection with Mother Gaia transforms into luck and prosperity. From attracting wealth to success, your good times are about to start. Being the stone of happiness too, your dark times are over once you embrace the healing power of onyx.

How to use Black Onyx in 7 Different Ways

One of the most powerful stones dating back to 1,700 years and before, black onyx has been with humans since the dawn of time. That’s why we have so many techniques to make use of the hidden magical powers inside this gemstone.

Let’s find out the best way to use black onyx for you.

1.    Black Onyx Tree of Life for Abundance

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Representing success and growth, when the black onyx tree of life is worn, it connects with multiple chakras and empowers your psyche. The pendant is considered a lucky charm that attracts wealth and abundance into your life. Program it by holding the pendant in your hands and repeating your affirmation before wearing it to attract prosperity.

2.    Meditation and Yoga Pendant Black Onyx

Black Onyx Pendant With 925 Sterling Silver Chain   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1
Black Onyx Pendant; $19.95 USD

When you wear the black onyx pendant in the picture during your yoga workouts, it helps you concentrate and activate your chakra powers better. This leads to a hassle-free and smooth yoga session that works effectively. You can also hold the black onyx pendant in your palm and meditate to remove negative thoughts from your mind. Meditating with black onyx will also improve your creativity and imagination skills.

Do you know the Black Onyx Warrior Pose Yogasana? Click to know!

3.    Black Onyx Wand for Activating Protection Grid

White Gold Black Onyx Men Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
White Gold Black Onyx Men Ring; $26.90 USD

Do you know black onyx can protect you against the worse of evil energies? It does so by cocooning you and the house with protective shells of energy. To do so, all you need is a protection grid with black onyx in its center. Take your clear quartz and touch every stone on the grid to activate it while chanting the mantra of your affirmation. That’s all you need to activate the grid. Place it in the northern direction for most benefits.

4.    Aura Purification Black Onyx Bracelet

Natural Semi Precious Stone 8MM Round Beads Reiki Charms Bracelet with 7 Chakra Healing Crystal   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   16
Reiki Charms Bracelet with 7 Chakra Healing Crystal; $22 USD

A multi-chakra bracelet with black onyx, this is a crystal pairing to admire. When you wear this bracelet, your aura is purified and you will feel energetic. All the toxins sediment in your aura will change and you will start attracting positivity towards you. The universe will hear your prayers and grant your wishes. Once the aura is pure, you will attract luck like never before!

5.    Throat Chakra Onyx String

Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace; $17.95 USD

When you wear this black onyx necklace, it will connect your root to the throat. Ideal for those appearing for exams and interviews, this onyx string is a special stone that can make you self-confident once you wear it. Made of uniform black onyx beads, it is a circular grid that empowers your spirit from the throat by grounding you with the energy flow going down. You will find the truth to all the answers you seek as well!

6.    Black Onyx Pendulum Dowsing

Crystal Quartz Healing Amulet Pendulum Necklace
Healing Amulet Pendulum Necklace $18.95 USD

The pointed crystal that can help you communicate with your subconscious is also one that helps you specifically uproot your problems. When you use a black onyx pendulum, you will be connected to the higher realm. It can be used to treat physical and emotional disorders, in addition to establishing contact with your guardian angel and spirit guide. It will help you find answers to all the questions that are troubling you.

7.    7 Chakra Black Onyx Reiki Therapy

Gem Stone Healing Dowsing Reiki Chakra - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
Gem Stone Healing Dowsing Reiki Chakra; $19 USD

We read about the 7-chakra bracelet above. Another way to align multiple chakras at once is by using this reiki dowsing pendant. It combines the effects of pendulum and chakra training to give you peace and stability. Wearing this 7-chakra dowsing pendant after programming it for your affirmations can help you treat underlying disorders too.

8.    Black Onyx Talisman Bracelet

Turkish Sapphire   Emerald Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3Turkish Sapphire & Emerald Bracelet; $25 USD

A beautiful designer bracelet in the floral pattern, this Turkish bracelet made with a black onyx center stone is a standout design. It is a talismanic stone that is useful because of its design symmetry. Wearing it on your left hand will boost your blood circulation and relieve anxiety as well as heartburn. Besides, this talismanic bracelet is all you need to protect yourself from evil eye and energy attacks.

9.    Pendant Wand for Grief Black Onyx

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   11
Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklace; $15 USD

Are you going through a mourning period? Take this pendant wand with you because wearing it can stabilize your root chakra as it faces down. Moreover, wearing this pendant wand can help you remove grief and depression without a trace from your life.

We call this pendant wand because it has terminations such as that of a wand. Read more about pendant wands here.

10. Tiny Wand-Ring Black Onyx for Courage

Natural Stone Crystal Ring (Resizeable)
Natural Stone Crystal Ring; $15.95 USD

Another wand shaped jewelry that you can wear is this ring. When you wear it with the pointy end directed towards your base chakra at any time, the root chakra energies will ground negativity away from you. That’s how the black onyx ring makes you courageous and valiant. This makes the pendant symmetrically powerful for using in crystal rituals as a wand.

11. Black Onyx Grounding Bracelet

Carnelian Black Onyx Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver
Carnelian Black Onyx Earring; $45 USD

When you wear a grounding bracelet, it absorbs all your negativity and ejects into the ground such as how an earthing happens for electric sockets in your home. Wearing this black onyx bracelet will make you feel at peace and healthy without any uneasiness. It’s ideal for those suffering from low blood pressure.

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